Lose Weight By Dieting And Exercising

Losing weight is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and help you achieve a better quality of life.


According to statistics from the health industry, obesity is now being called an epidemic. Obesity is one of the leading causes of death and is even ahead of cigarette smoking. Losing weight can aid in the fight against obesity and possible aid in lowering the risks of other serious health conditions such as:

  • · type two diabetes
  • · high blood pressure
  • · heart disease or stroke
  • · increased risk of cancer

The simple solution to weight loss is to consume less calories than you burn off through your daily routine or exercise regiment. You do not necessarily have to eat less to lose weight as long as you are eating a healthy diet and burning off more calories than you are consuming. When you decide to eat less, your metabolism will slow down and you will start to lose weight at a slower rate or you may actually gain weight. You want to stay healthy while trying to lose weight by eating a healthy diet. This is where exercising comes in to help:

  • · exercising helps to elevate your metabolism back to an efficient level
  • · exercise burns more calories so that you can lose weight faster
  • · exercise allows you to eat more abundant healthy foods
  • · exercise actually releases endorphins that keep your mood elevated

Exercise doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym or straining through exhausting workouts. exercising should be something that you enjoy. Start by increasing your activity level by changing your normal routine:

  • · take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • · park further from the mall door when you go shopping
  • · go for a walk in the park or through a neighborhood
  • · bring a dog or a friend along for company

When you become more active you will want to keep improving on your new healthier lifestyle, you will want to engage in more beneficial exercises like walking, jogging or weight lifting, Make your new exercise routine a regular practice. Prevent the boredom that can overtake your mind when you exercise. To prevent this, listen to music or stay motivated by exercising with other people.


Whatever kind of exercise you choose, it’s important to stay motivated and keep it fun. Try gathering a group together to make it a social event, get a pedometer to track your progess. Make a competition amongst your friends or family members and treat the winner with something special (not food related!). Make the experience of exercising something that you look forward to, and it will soon become a regular part of your healthier lifestyle.

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The 3 Week Diet
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